Kevin Workman's 75-pound blue catfish

Kevin Workman’s 75-pound blue catfish. Facebook photo, Kevin Workman.

Workman Brothers Notch 75-, 80-Pound Blue Cats
The crazy part? They landed the fish just three weeks apart.
By Mike Stevens

When Kevin Workman and his brother paddle out into Nebraska's Platte River, big blue catfish are on the radar, but they had no reason to expect that they would both catch a fish of a lifetime within a month of each other.

"A blue cat this size is a giant anywhere," says (Kevin) Workman. "The crazy part was that we landed two fish this size three weeks apart."

He is referring to the 75- and 80-pound monster cats that they hooked from their kayaks as seen in detail in this epic video footage.

A 30-year-old former Army paratrooper, Workman's reasons fishing from a kayak are all-too-familiar to 'yak anglers everywhere.

"Well, the stealth aspect of fishing from a kayak helps. Also, being able to navigate small waters and shallows has been beneficial. The area of the river where we caught these catfish is too shallow for an outboard motor to safely run," he said.

While the Workman boys both consider these specimens to be "fish of a lifetime", the brothers definitely hit the water loaded for bear knowing what the Platte River is capable of. Both fish were caught on Abu Garcia reels loaded with 100-pound braided line paired with a stout Ugly Stik catfish rod. Anchoring the rig are 5- to 6-ounce sinkers above a swivel and large Kahle hooks with chunks of cut bait on the business end.

These multi-species anglers who chase everything from muskie to panfish from their kayaks made a point to focus on big blues on that day.

"We would paddle until we found holes and position our kayaks so we could place our baits on the upstream side of the hole," he added. "We both knew they were big fish right away because they immediately started to tow us upstream. When we caught a few glances of their big tails, we realized that we had hooked into true giants"

Both fish were caught and released on film and took about 20 minutes to land.

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