Join kayak anglers Robert Field, Rex Del Rey, Ben Duchesney and Mark Vlaskamp as they ditch their double-bladed paddles to journey 100 miles through the Northern Forest Canoe Trail in upstate New York to fish untapped waters in Canoe Fishing: 100 Miles through the Adirondacks. They’ll face grueling portages, icy rapids, beaver dams and snow storms while catching big fish along the way.

In this preview of  Part 1, spirits are high as the guys set off on their journey. With sunny skies, calm winds and hungry fish, the crew begins to think this trip might not be as difficult as they thought. But they get a rude awakening on day two as the challenges of the canoe trail begin to reveal themselves.

Want to see more canoe fishing? Watch Episode 1!


Pike and many more biters were going to be found on this epic canoe fishing expedtion. So was much more, including hardships, laughter, freezing weather and plenty of portages!